Do you need our help?

If you are affected by violence, you can contact us by phone.
If there is a place free, you can come to the shelter at any time and at short notice.

frequently questions

The way to the women’s shelter

If you are acutely threatened, call the police (110). If you are looking for a place in a women’s shelter, call us. The women’s shelter telephone (0228 63 53 69) is manned around the clock. If there is space in the women’s shelter, admission is possible at any time. 

If there is no free place in our women’s shelter, we will help you to find accommodation elsewhere. At night, in emergency situations, there is the possibility of short-term admission. All women’s shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia are listed on the website www.frauen-info-netz.de. The website www.frauenhaus-suche.de lists all women’s shelters throughout Germany.

You may come to our women’s shelter if you feel that you are a woman and you or your children are affected by mental, physical and/or sexual violence and need protection and support.

The following can be reasons for a stay in the women’s shelter:

  • Physical violence
  • Mental violence
  • Sexualised violence
  • Social violence
  • Economic violence
  • Emotional violence
  • Digital violence

Living in the Women‘s Shelter

For security reasons, the address of the Frauenhaus is secret.

Only women live and work in the women’s shelter in Bonn. Each woman in the shelter has her own room, mothers live with their children in one room. You share the kitchens and bathrooms with the other residents. You have your own money (wages/salary, pension, unemployment benefit or citizen’s allowance, social welfare, maintenance, etc.) and provide for yourself. You are solely responsible for yourself and your children and decide about your own life.

The residents can get advice and support from the staff if they need it. Since all residents of the women’s shelter have similar problems, the women can also help each other very well.

The rent in the women’s shelter in Bonn costs € 7 per person per day. If you receive benefits from the Job Centre or the Social Welfare Office, the costs for accommodation are covered by the respective institutions. If you are not entitled to benefits, we will find a solution.

In addition to the general rules of communal living, there are two so-called house rules:

  • The women’s shelter is a violence-free space. All residents and children are not allowed to use or threaten violence against each other.
  • The women’s shelter is a violence-free space. All residents and children are not allowed to use or threaten violence against each other.

You can bring money, clothes, documents and small valuables. However, you can also come without anything. If possible, bring the following with you:

  • Items
    • Mobile phone
    • Clothes
    • Medication that you need regularly
  • Money
    • Cash
    • Bank card from your bank
    • Valuables
  • Children’s
    • Children’s school supplies
    • Favourite cuddly toy
  • Food
    • Possibly groceries
  • Documents
    • Identity card or passport
    • Residence permit or fictitious certificate or toleration
    • Birth certificates of the children
    • Maternity passport and preventive care booklets of the children
    • Health-related documents of the children (vaccination certificates, U-books, etc.)
    • Health insurance card (also for the children)
    • Other documents such as job centre documents, pension and income certificates, house or tenancy agreements.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring your pet with you.

After the women’s shelter

If you no longer need the protection of the women’s shelter, a staff member will support you in finding your own flat. Further information can be found in our project find a place to live…