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Links to information centers, helplines and feminist projects, as well as our information brochures for download.

Frauen-Info-NetzMap with all women’s shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia.
Frauenhaus SucheCentral Information Point for Autonomous Women’s Shelters: A map of all women’s shelters in Germany. The ZIF coordinates and moderates the political and professional-conceptual exchange between the autonomous women’s shelters and is their voice at a national political level.
HilfetelefonThe “Violence against women” helpline is a nationwide advice service for women who have experienced or are still experiencing violence. By calling 116 016 and via online counseling, the helpline supports victims of all nationalities, relatives, friends and professionals anonymously and free of charge.
Rauf die Plätze!The LAG’s “Rauf die Plätze, fertig, los!” campaign is committed to affordable and accessible places in women’s shelters.