Finding your own flat

Finding your own flat – with wohnraumfinden

Finding a flat in Bonn is not easy: you have to be quick and have to show a lot of documents . On this page you will hopefully find some useful tips.

Häufige Fragen

Conclusion of contract

Many landlords require the following documents in order to conclude a tenancy agreement

  • Salary statements for the last three months
  • a -negative- credit report
  • a copy of your identity card or passport
  • a certificate from the previous tenant confirming that the tenant is not in debt.
  • Some landlords have self-disclosure forms that need to be filled out.
  • in the case of socially subsidised flats, a certificate of eligibility for the housing.

Yes, it is normal to have to show your last three payslips or a certificate from the Job Centre confirming that it will pay the rent.

The tenancy agreement states by when the rent must be paid into the landlord’s account. Usually this is on the third working day of a month at the latest.

Normally, the tenant has a period of notice of three months, unless the contract is limited in time or otherwise stipulated in the tenancy agreement.

The flat search

You can find flats on the internet, in newspapers or through housing agencies.

The following internet portals offer many flats:

Many newspapers carry flat advertisements. It pays to be quick! Here is a list of newspapers in the Bonn area.

Or directly from real estate companies and housing associations:

There is no right to a renovated flat. As a rule, it is stated in the tenancy agreement that the flat will be taken over unrenovated.

The following points can be signs of fraud.

  • Very cheap rent despite very good location and many square meters.
  • Usually an “all-round carefree” package including furniture, electricity, telephone, internet.
  • “I’m abroad (e.g. as a doctor) and don’t know exactly how long” – a story is told why the owner of the flat doesn’t need it himself at the moment
  • Answers come very quickly, everything has to be done very fast & pressure is exerted
  • You should transfer money before you have seen the apartment
  • They want you to register with some portal that handles the rent (makes no sense, that’s what rental contracts are for).
  • General signs: language that looks like it was translated with Google Translator (not a good language level); pictures like from a catalogue/professional photos
  • Asking yourself: if I take pictures of my flat, does it look like this?

Basically, the following:

  • Before paying or signing anything, always meet the landlord AND, above all, visit the flat.
  • Always negotiate a written tenancy agreement

Most tenancy agreements allow so-called “small animals”. These include small fish and birds, hamsters and guinea pigs.

In order to be able to determine a local comparative rent, many cities determine a rent index for the city in cooperation with tenants’ and landlords’ associations. The respective rent indexes can be found on the internet.

For some flats, a certificate of eligibility for housing is required.