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Rent out your flat and support women.

If the women and their children want to move out of our women’s shelter, they often cannot find a place to live and there are no urgently needed women’s shelter places available. For this reason, we are urgently looking for affordable housing.

Due to the housing shortage in the Bonn area, the women do not find a flat after their time in the women’s shelter.

Affordable housing is known to be very scarce and the challenge of finding it is becoming ever greater. The autonomous women’s shelter has been overcrowded most of the time since its foundation. The number of rejections has remained high for over 10 years and is far above the national average. Every woman who moves out of the women’s shelter also makes room for a woman and her children who urgently need a place in a women’s shelter.

Due to the frequent receipt of transfer benefits (e.g. ALG II), women are often stigmatised. Single and single-parent women, especially women with several children or those who are considered non-German read are often exposed to prejudice and also racial discrimination when looking for housing. They hardly have a chance to find suitable housing on the open housing market.

As a result, many women and their children have to stay in the women’s shelter longer than is necessary for them.

The women and their children need:
Open landlords and affordable housing

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    We are urgently looking in Bonn and the surrounding area:

    2-3 room flat for a woman with one child.

    Gross cold rent max. 658,–€

    3-4 room flat for a woman with two children.

    Gross cold rent max. 790,–€

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